Systematization and digitalization of machine park maintenance

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What can Service Planner do for your facilities?

Service Planner puts the company's maintenance tasks on machines in system and reminds employees what tasks are to be done and when..


Service Planner also works as the digital database for all documentation and information about the company's machinery - for example uploading of, user manuals, spare parts lists, etc..

Systematization and digitalization
Minimizing downtime

Our system helps to minimize unforeseen shutdowns.


This is done through systematic maintenance, which means that maintenance is not neglected and that machine failures to a greater extent are caught preventively.

Documentation and data security

Our system documents which tasks are planned, performed, exceeded according to the specific machines maintenance plan.


The activity log in Service Planner also allows the individual employee to add notes, comments or other relevant information about the specific machine. 

All data is stored on high-security servers and stored in multiple copies, so that your data is always securely stored. 

3 reasons to use our system for your maintenance